5 Ways To Alleviate Back Pain Syndrome

Back pain is considered as the bane of existence of patients and sufferers. That excruciating pain can render someone hopeless, pleading for pain relief. In fact, there are patients who are experiencing severe back pain that they cannot do any work.


There are a lot of factors that are causing back pain – from mechanical issues and soft tissue injuries to nerve compression. There are a number of treatments that can alleviate the pain. For those who are experiencing moderate back pain, here are some pointers that patients can follow:


  1. Improve your posture


A good posture can benefit an individual in a number of ways. For one, it can help create a good first impression. Another thing is, it can help alleviate back pain. Yes, correcting your posture can help in reducing pain caused by compressed nerve. Be sure to stand up straight, with your back straight as well. Use an ergonomic chair to give your body and back full support when you are sitting.


  1. Choose the right mattress


Choosing the right latex mattress can also do wonders for your back. A wrong mattress can cause severe back pain, especially for those who are already suffering from back pain syndrome. It can cause strain on the muscles in your lower back which can contribute to the pain. But the right mattress can help give your lower back full support, especially when you are sleeping.


If you are keen on alleviating your back pain, check out and compare mattress prices in Dubai and see which of these mattresses would fit your budget and requirement.


  1. Provide ample back support


If you are into contact sports or any other activities, be sure to give your back the ample support it needs. Be sure to wear protective gears before you get into activities. It would also be best to have your back checked before you get into any sports. If you are experiencing pain, ask your trainer and physician for pain management and back pain treatment.


  1. Watch your weight


Gaining weight can also put strain on your back. Added pounds can strain the back muscles and also the bones and joints that can lead to pain and compression. Be sure to watch your weight gain. And if you feel that your weight is causing you back pain, try to shave off some pounds to manage your weight.


  1. Pay attention to how you carry things


Sometimes, the way we do things can cause back pain like lifting things the wrong way. Do it right. When picking up thing, try not to bend too much and strain your back. Instead, put the weight on your feet and knees. Bend your knees and pull up the load along with your stomach muscles.