Dubai As A Hub Of Medical Tourism

When it comes to tourism, Dubai will always remain among the top ten counties in the world. However, what if there is more to it? Guess what, there is and the city government seems to know what to do about it. For the last few years, the healthcare industry in Dubai is known to be growing at a healthy pace. Keeping this vie in mind, the Dubai government took an initiative in this regard. This marked the launch of Dubai healthcare city and with that, a new era envisioned by the government came into existence. The healthcare city was supposed to gradually expand its sphere of influence in the region. But, it will not stop there, as the mission was to transform Dubai into a medical hub of the region using available means. It was decided to later benefit from flourishing industries and use them to promote the healthcare city where necessary.

On the other hand, the healthcare city was also meant to provide an umbrella to improve and upgrade existing healthcare facilities in the city. Today, the program is on the verge of completion and has seen Dubai emerging into a major hub of healthcare facilities. The medical tourism is about to take a new shape as the booming tourism industry is being presented as a test case to visitors to come to Dubai to get quality healthcare. Here is more on the prospects of medical tourism in the near future and will the program work as envisaged by the city:

The Healthcare Bureaucratic System

It was thought as a part of the medical tourism initiative. The bureaucratic system was to provide a solid foundation to the healthcare system by attracting major investors from all over the world. The investors were meant to inject foreign direct investment into the city. This will not only provide much needed financial means to the healthcare industry but will also give influence over other players in the industry. It was also meant to establish links with other partners in the industry both in-house as well as overseas. The medical tourism is about projecting the image of the city as place that offers two world class facilities to customers. They could accommodate medical treatment by leveraging world class medical facilities in Dubai into their fun trip or vice versa.

By the end of the year 2012, the health tourism initiative of Dubai has already accumulated around AED 6 billion. In the next phase, the city is aiming to reach AED 10 billion.

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