What conditions do ophthalmologists treat?

If you don’t know already, ophthalmologists are the physicians who treat a number of eye related problems through medical and surgical procedures. Ophthalmologists in Dubai offer their services to prevent eyes and visual system of their patients from injury and many different diseases. If you have been told that ophthalmologists only offer standard vision services or there services are limited to the examination of eyes for consultation purposes, then you must know that they treat a number of serious eye related diseases, conditions and disorders that are affecting your eye and vision. Following are a few major vision related disorders that are treated by ophthalmologists.

Treatment of cataracts

This vision related condition is very common among older people. In this condition, the vision of the patient gets disturbed due to the formation of cataracts on the lens of the eye. Cataracts are the cloudy areas that blur vision and if not treated properly, they can affect your vision rather significantly. Believe it or not, the ophthalmologist that you will visit for the treatment of cataracts will be able to treat it effectively through a minor surgical treatment.

Treatment of a number of retinal diseases

Another very common vision related disorder that is treated by ophthalmologists is known as age related macular degeneration or simply AMD. In this condition, the patient faces decreased vision issues that affect their regular activities. AMD directly affects the macula that is considered one of the most important areas of retina. You can easily treat this eye related disorder by treating it by a professional ophthalmologist in a timely manner.

Treatment of glaucoma

The fact of the matter is that glaucoma is one of the most common reason that causes blindness. Considering the consequences of glaucoma, you should waste no time in getting it treated by a highly qualified and experienced ophthalmologist. This is important because by neglecting this problem you will start losing your vision slowly which will lead to blindness.

Treatment of corneal disorders

There are a number of people who visit ophthalmologists for the treatment of many different corneal disorders. Corneal is considered one of the most sensitive parts of your eye. You can face corneal related conditions due to injury, inflammation and scratches that can be effectively treated by ophthalmologists through eye drops or ointments.

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