Fun Activities During Dubai Trip

So far, we have discussed several things that you can do in Dubai. Now, it is time to come to the fun part of your Dubai tour. Tourism is all about exploring places while having fun. In other words, tourism is nothing without fun so it is important to have as much fun during your tour as you can. Before we move on to tourism let us take a peek into what Dubai is and how it became what it is today. The city was barely a small town in the middle of the desert. There was not much to see or discuss about it. Back then, the ruling family, the Maktoum dynasty decided to give this place a new look. The discovery of oil in this part of the world during 60s made their job easier as they had big dreams for the city.

They were envisioning it as the city of the future, big plans indeed but not much was in hands back then. Soon after, the development phase begun and with the cooperation and support from the central government, Dubai began to take shape of what it was supposed to become one day. The city was immediately declared a free port and massive investments began pouring in for development of port and related infrastructure. By 1980s, Dubai had already become one of the busiest commercial ports in the region and was handling a million ton of cargo per day. The investment and revenues were coming in thick and fast. The money was being reinvested into turning Dubai into a major tourist attraction for the world. Today, the development process continues albeit the city has already become the busiest tourist attraction in the world. Here is more:

Desert Safari And Theme Parks

Dubai still lies in the middle of a desert, and sits across the sea shores. However, you will find the desert in a new avatar. Welcome to the desert safari, and you are about to get one or more of the tree types of tours available namely morning, evening, and night. The rides are all ready and so are you. After having fun crashing SUVs into desert dunes and enjoy fun riding camels on warm desert sand, you will be welcomed in the tent village to enjoy a lavish might dance and tasty tikka dinner.

If you love to see entertainment up close in a different perspective, the theme parks are the perfect spot. You will enjoy numerous theme parks here with each one focusing on a different theme. From funny cartoons to exotic movie characters, you’ll see them all here.

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