PRO Services & LLC Formation

As a home of pro services Abu Dhabi acts efficiently in such field. A professional who can direct you through the complex predefined processes of UAE company forming, visa authorization and other relevant public work is crucial for managing and executing the formalities and demanding procedure successfully. It takes you most time to sort out several stages of hard Paperwork. PRO Desk provides customers with high quality clearing documents and PRO services at each point from start to finish in Dubai. We work closely with senior government officials and ministries in Dubai.

Time is money, and while your company suffers from your absence you can’t spend your precious treasury standing at the queues of the different government departments. Through hiring best professional services companies in Dubai to get the job done on time, you can easily spend it on better place and more productive work.

We are here to remove all the pressure from your hands from visa approvals, request requests to signatures and stamps.

There are a number of hurdles that you have to go through when establishing a business in Dubai. This is because there are a lot of steps that need to be taken to get things started. This includes approvals and licensure from the concerned ministries and authorities, the establishment of an office setup and so much more. There are actually a number of professional service providers out there who can help you out in this regard. Make sure that you consider the acquisition of these services at the right time.

In Abu Dhabi, A lot of companies work as Abu Dhabi LLC company formation. While the criteria for LLCs can vary depending upon the government, certain commonalities generally exist. Owners or members will first of all pick a name.

Once this is finished, the administrative papers shall be registered and sent to the Government. The privileges, powers, duties and responsibilities of each member of the LLC are set out in these Articles. Additional information included on the documents contains LLC members ‘ names and addresses, the registered agent’s name and the statement of intent of the company. Accompanying the articles shall be a fee paid directly to the state. In order to obtain employer identification number (EINs), paperwork and fees must also be submitted at federal level.