Cost-Efficient Ways To Promote Workplace Safety

Some employees are quite hard to convince to follow safety procedures at work. However, their carefree attitude can cost the company a lot, especially if their attitude would lead to workplace accidents.

Which is why some companies spend a lot to promote workplace safety. But you don’t have to shell out a lot of money and promote workplace safety. Here are some inexpensive ways to foster a safe working environment:

  1. Be cautious on hiring staff


Some business owners have a tendency to hire impulsively during the height of production. Business experts say this practice can backfire in the long run. Not only are you compromising the quality of your service but it can also be a workplace hazard. Hiring out of impulse would leave the company less time to brief employees about the safe policies and even less time to train them. Be sure to hire competent employees that can follow instructions religiously.


  1. Provide the right tools

Although buying gears from trusted safety equipment suppliers in UAE might be a little bit costly on the initial purchase, you need to think about the return of investment. Buying cheap PPE and safety gears might be a little less costly, but these equipment would be needing replacement in no time. This would double the cost of your business expenditures and will also compromise the well-being of your workers.

  1. Insist on implementing safety policies


There are instances when safety rules and regulations are updated but the problem lies with the implementation. If this is the case, demand that these policies to be implemented. If you are having a hard time making your employees follow these rules, promote or designate a safety champion that would implement and monitor whether the policies are being enacted.


  1. Recognize the followers


One way to convince others to follow is to give rewards and recognitions. Be sure to give credit to employees who are making an effort to follow the rules and safety policies. As simple as giving rewards and recognizing them in front of other would persuade others to follow suit.


  1. Update your policies

Outdated policies can cost a business, especially if it is not adapting to changing needs of the workplace environment. Should something unfortunate happen, you will be implementing the old policies that might be inapplicable to the current needs and requirements. Be sure to review and check your policies and make changes if necessary.

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